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We provide our services to each client on a bespoke aspect, whether they require a complete end-to-end  solution using multiple technologies, or a one off deployment of a vehicle.

We cover the complete life cycle from initial assessment through to deployment and post media gathering.

We are dedicated to improving your customer experience, offering first class personal service and giving you great final results.

We pride ourselves on providing Remotely Piloted Vehicles for commercial and ethical purposes. We have a stock number of vehicles that are kept well maintained and updated with the latest technologies at all time.
Our dedicated engineers and research & development staff are constantly evolving our offering to ensure we stay at the forefront of our industry.

Our experienced operational team are able to draw a wealth of knowledge from technical aspects of our clients industries and act as an extension of your company, thus generating a strong partnership and producing great end results improving the outcome and cost efficiency.

To see our list of example applications for our Remotely Piloted Vehicles 

Dedicated Partnership

Air Cam Pro dedicated partnerships offer a support solution for clients on a long term contract.


Our partnership programme is suited to companies who have the requirements to operate remotely piloted vehicles on an ongoing basis who may not have the technologies or the expertise.

This is where Air Cam Pro excels in its operation to be the number 1 solutions company for your contracting of remotely piloted vehicles.

We know that not all tasks can be achieved using an generic system to get proven results as you expect.
We offer a bespoke system technology solution dedicated to the operation of your industry.

Our boffins and engineers will work closely with your company to asses what the goal you are trying to achieve and through our expertise we will build the perfect system to ensue the longevity of our dedicated partnership.

As well as the equipment development we also bespoke our team of people, from operators to analysis to media editing, we will develop the team around the requirements of our partnership

Vehicle Leasing & Training

Of course the reason for you landing on our website is because you have already realised the benefit of applying a Remotely Piloted Vehicle to your business requirements.

Not only will this aid in operational aspects but streamline the cost and improve important decision making processes.

Our Leasing and Training Programme is a great way to integrate your need for Remotely Piloted Vehicles in your business but keeping the operational aspect in-house.

Our Leasing Programme involves working within your industry and assessing the needs of your company.
We will deliver a bespoke vehicle that is custom and solely suited to your companies needs. Our vast knowledge of Remotely Piloted Vehicles and our dedicated research & development team will configure the precise system incorporating the relevant sensory payloads.

We also have the ability to develop and maintain a fleet of Remotely Piloted Vehicles for your business, be it with all the same similarity or completely bespoke to each other.

We also develop and lease a wide range of visual monitoring stations. These can be field mobile, built into a vehicle or incorporated into your existing company assets to ensure your operations are integrated and functional.

All this backed up with our support and maintenance programme.

Our Training Programme comes hand-in-hand with our leasing programme.
This involves regular training and assessments of your in-house operation staff to ensure the equipment is operated in a safe and competent manner.
We also provide training and support that aid your company achieve operational licencing and be fully compliant with laws, rules and regulations of operations.

All of our solutions are based on a complete bespoke method to our clients.

Why not contact us today for a friendly chat to find out how our solutions can benefit your company

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